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Stanowisko zrobotyzowane

Solutions used in the food industry for electrical systems

What is crucial here is the product, as well as the way it is processed through the use […]

Render 3D robotów paletyzujących kartony

In what situations are robotic palletising systems most effective?

Palletizing is a process in which finished products such as cartons or bags

Get to know our partners! Signify.

We start the month of March with our partner Signify. On this occasion, we invite you to an […]

Get to know our partners! ASTOR.

In this series, we want to introduce you to our Partners - specialists in their respective industries. First […]

Stanowisko zrobotyzowane do montażu części samochodowych

Why invest in robotisation of manufacturing processes?

According to a 2020 report published by the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), the population of robots sold […]

Inżynier robotyk programujący stanowisko

About the language of PackML

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is forcing modern manufacturing plants to efficiently collect significant amounts of data and respond […]

Panele fotowoltaiczne

Improving energy efficiency and the so-called White Certificate

What is a White Certificate?

Montaż paneli fotowoltaicznych

Improving the energy efficiency of the company as a consequence of the energy audit

According to the Act, energy efficiency is the ratio of the achieved magnitude of the utility effect of […]

Obiekt przemysłowy

Company energy audit

Analysing contemporary trends, especially those emerging in the wave of widely understood pro-environmental activity of enterprises, it is […]

Inżynier używający programu do skaningu 3D

Usefulness of 3D scanning in industrial design

3D scanning is a modern, fast and extremely precise technique for acquiring 3D environmental data.

Linia zrobotyzowana

Relocation of industrial machinery and production lines

It will not be an abuse to say that the complexity of the process of relocating machinery or […]

Robotic arm in the production hall

How can the introduction of production automation and robotisation affect the company’s finances?

At the dawn of the third decade of the 21st century, robotisation is no longer a novelty - […]

They are conquering the world!

PROSTER is a company that focuses first and foremost on the quality of its services. With many assignments […]

Inżynierowie programujący stanowisko zrobotyzowane

Automation and robotisation an opportunity for stable growth in uncertain times

What are PROSTER's main areas of operation? Which industries do you work with?

William Edwards Deming – quality guru

William Edwards Deming is referred to as a quality guru because he was one of the first, in […]