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ul. Głowackiego 67,
32-800 Brzesko
Małopolskie Voivodeship Poland

NIP (tax identification No.): PL 869-18-11-388
REGON (national business registry No.): 852726830
Share capital: 947 500 PLN


District Court for Kraków-Śródmieście
in Krakow, 12th Commercial Division
KRS: 0000177831

Office – Brzesko

phone: +48 14 68 48 300
fax.: +48 14 68 48 301
mob. phone: +48 693 650 264

Office – Kraków

Biurowiec Hubpoint
ul. Czyżówka 14
30-526 Kraków

Data Protection Officer

Marek Rogóz
phone: +48 600 89 68 68

Voltica Electrical Wholesaler

phone: +48 14 692 02 65 (extension) 2
mob. phone: +48 693 650 265

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    Proster's People

    Meet the people who play key roles in our company.

    Jacek Pukal

    President of the Management Board

    Aleksandra Pukal

    Vice President of the Management Board

    Zofia Pukal

    Vice President of the Management Board

    Bartłomiej Jarek


    Head of Sales Department

    Artur Wnęk

    Sales Specialist for Electrical Installations, and Control and Measurement Equipment

    +48 693 381 977

    Piotr Kuglarz

    Sales specialist for overseas projects

    +48 504 870 633

    PROSTER Ltd.

    It is a team of highly qualified employees who are ready to take on any challenge. We have the best equipment and technical facilities.

    The experience, competence and professionalism of our employees account for the potential of our company.

    The quality of our work is appreciated by customers in every corner of the world. Thanks to fruitful cooperation with domestic and foreign partners, we can offer our customers the latest developments in world class technology.

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