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History in a nutshell


The history of the PROSTER company began in 1985, thanks to the courage and determination of its founder, Wiesław Pukal. As Franciszek Małek – who still works in the company – recalls, Wiesław Pukal was a man full of ideas who made decisions quickly. When he worked at Browar Okocim, he offered to deal with the incorrect temperature on the pasteurizer when the relevant services could not cope with it. Wiesław did. Such situations repeated and it was probably them that allowed the founder of PROSTER to switch to his own company.

Wiesław Pukal
Wiesław Pukal, founder of PROSTER
Kierownik UR, Franciszek Małek przed biurem firmy PROSTER przy Browarze Okocim
UR Manager, Franciszek Małek, in front of the PROSTER office at Browar Okocim

President of the company, Wiesław Pukal started his business at a time when it was neither popular nor well-regarded. The historic document “Permission to perform crafts” was issued on August 13, 1985. The activity was to concern electrical installations and electromechanics in the Tarnów Voivodeship. The name of the PROSTER company is composed of two elements – “PRO” from the word “simple” in Polish and “STER” from “control” and reflects the essence of its activity. Initially, the company had several employees who, together with the boss, performed work in the territory of the current Lesser Poland and Podkarpackie voivodeships. The employees had only a small car named “maluch” (Fiat 126p) and a renovated car named Żuk at their disposal, but the people worked solidly and with enthusiasm.

Zezwolenie na wykonywanie rzemiosła
Permission to practice crafts, document of August 13, 1985

The period of economic transformation in Poland

The company’s development coincided with the period of economic transformation, during which many companies on the market were liquidated or simply went bankrupt. Running a business was associated with various types of risk, for example, there were many dishonest and insolvent contractors. This did not discourage the owner from fighting for his existence on the market. Due to the unfavorable economic situation on the domestic market, many companies were late in payments for services or goods.

Time passed and the transformation period brought favorable changes for private plants. EiAP PROSTER’s services were used primarily by Browar Okocim, but also by breweries in Grybów, Jędrzejów and Kraków. In 1996, the company also operated in the Masovian Voivodeship and had 13 employees. A significant increase in employment to 71 people took place in 1997, when PROSTER, as one of the first companies in Poland, started outsourcing maintenance in Browar Okocim. Over time, the company expanded its operations to the brewery in Żywiec. The main pillar of the company’s activity were installation, repair and maintenance services of electrical equipment, switchgear and control equipment, maintenance and renovation of technological lines. Thanks to this type of activity, the company experienced dynamic growth on a nationwide scale.

grupa utrzymania ruchu w browarze żywiec
Maintenance group at Brewery Żywiec

Foreign activities

The year 2003 turned out to be particularly important, when PROSTER completed its first foreign contracts – in Finland, Cuba and Asia (photos from Cuba below).

zdjęcia historyczne z pierwszych zagranicznych kontraktów 3 zdjęcia historyczne z pierwszych zagranicznych kontraktów 2 zdjęcia historyczne z pierwszych zagranicznych kontraktów

This resulted in an increase in the number of technical and office workers. On January 3, 2009, a new office was established at ul. Głowackiego 67 in Brzesko.

biuro proster historia
New PROSTER office from 2009

The following years saw the expansion of foreign projects – in 2008, the first contract took place in Africa (Tunisia). Employment at that time increased to 129 people. Subsequently, the contract in New Zealand was completed in 2011, and employment increased again to 142 people. 2013 – a contract in Brazil and China was made, and a year later in Japan. Then in 2017 the first contract in North America (Mexico) was performed.

It should be noted that the company’s foreign expansion did not happen just like that. The owner has been trying for almost 10 years to make German companies trust his work and entrust their projects to a company from Poland. It was not an easy or quick process, but it resulted not only in a large number of projects, but also the honorable title of preferred service provider for our clients.

Kontrakty zagraniczne na mapie świata w jubileuszowym roku 2015
Foreign contracts on the world map in the jubilee year 2015

Current development

The following years saw continued activity in foreign projects around the world – mainly the assembly of technological lines and electrical installations. In 2017, the Automation Department was also transformed into the Automation and Robotics Department and the creation of a mechanics department, complementing the company’s portfolio. In the same year, succession took place and Jacek Pukal became the president of the company. A year later, the Research and Development Department was established, whose task was to help create standard products that we would be able to offer at a better price and our high quality.

jacek pukal
Jacek Pukal, President of Proster Sp. z o. o.

In 2022 the construction of a new office building and a production and warehouse hall was completed. New projects are created here for PROSTER customers.

biuro projektowe i hala proster
New office and production and warehouse hall from 2022
chwytak robota na hali Proster
Robot for one of the automation projects

In 2023, the Controlling department was launched, which allows us to quickly respond to changing market needs and analyze data in an even more perfect way. This year also marked the beginning of a more intensive presence in Europe, as a branch of the company was opened in Austria at this time.

From the same year, we can boast of ISO 9001 certification granted by the global entity TUV. The certification concerns the quality management system in the field of “Design, production, assembly and service of electrical engineering, automation, robotics and industrial mechanics devices.”

The dynamically changing market allows us to maintain an appropriate pace of growth and operation, which is why our plans for the incoming years include, among others, the development and expansion of the mechanics department and the implementation of larger projects of robotic lines in close cooperation with our partners.

  1. Founding of the company Electrotechnics and Industrial Automation PROSTER Wiesław Pukal. Employment: 1 person

  2. Work in the Lesser Poland and Podkarpackie Voivodeships. Employment: 5 people

  3. Implementation of projects in the Masovian Voivodeship
    Employment: 13 people

  4. Start of maintenance outsourcing by PROSTER in Browar Okocim (as the first company in Poland) Employment: 71 people

  5. Implementation of first foreign contracts by PROSTER Sp. z o. o.– in Cuba, Finland and Asia.

    Employment: 100 people

  6. Opening new headquarters of PROSTER Sp. z o. o. in Brzesko. Completion of the first contract in Africa (Tunisia). Employment: 129 people

  7. Completion of the first contract in the Oceania region (New Zealand). Employment: 142 people

  8. Implementation of the first contract in South America (Brazil) and China. Opening of a branch of the “PROSTER Brasil”. Employment: 146 people

  9. The company’s 30th anniversary
    Employment: 162 people

  10. The first contract of PROSTER in North America (Mexico). Employment: 175 people

    Transformation of the Automation department
    in the Automation and Robotics Department

    Jacek Pukal became the president of PROSTER

  11. Establishment of the Research & Development Department

  12. 35th anniversary of the company

  13. Construction of a new hall for production and warehouse for our projects

  14. Launch of the Controlling Department, opening of the PROSTER branch in Austria, Certification of the ISO:9001 quality management system

Our company’s mission is to provide people with technology to help them change the world.

Our company’s vision is to be a market leader in electrical engineering, automation and robotics, and industrial mechanics by providing services and products of the highest quality by competent and committed employees.

We are members of many organizations

We have business and partnership relationships with them



We actively participate in the activities of the Polish Automation and Robotics Association as its member. Thanks to this, we have access to a wide network of contacts, experts and resources in the automation and robotics industry. Membership allows us to participate in conferences, training, workshops and other events organized by the forum, which is a valuable opportunity for us to expand knowledge and exchange experiences.

Our membership is a clear signal to our business partners, clients and public institutions that we are committed to the development of modern production methods, implementing automation and robotization processes and promoting innovation in the automation and robotics industry. It is also a confirmation that we operate in accordance with best practices and that we are part of a dynamic and developing business environment in Poland.

forum firmy rodzinne logo

Family Business Foundation

The Family Business Foundation (FFR) was established in 2011. The Foundation’s goal is to ensure the common interest of business families and their environment through integration, support and promotion of activities. Thanks to the Foundation’s activities, you gain the opportunity to benefit from the help, knowledge and experience of other family businesses during mentoring meetings in family-run businesses.

ahk logo

Polish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce – AHK

The Polish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK Polska), based in Warsaw, is the largest bilateral chamber in Poland. It represents the interests of 1,000 member companies and has been supporting Polish-German economic relations for over 25 years.

The 50-person team of the chamber offers companies from Germany and Poland professional consulting services and supports the exchange of information and experience, as well as the development of relations between institutions and enterprises on both sides of the Oder.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our company is actively involved in society, taking actions for the benefit of local communities

koncert Hubert Zapiór
We support local festivals, concerts, exhibitions and other artistic initiatives. We are happy that we can contribute to the development of artists' talents, and the community has access to inspiring and valuable cultural experiences 📸 Chopin Recital - Hubert Zapiór & Tony Yike Yang
gryf brzesko sponsoring
Through our financial support and commitment, we strive to develop and promote sports in our community, supporting local sports teams and organizations 📸 MKS Gryf Brzesko
uczniowie na hali
Our company actively supports students in local schools by providing financial support, organizing professional internships and engaging in educational projects 📸 Proster patronage class from the Technical & Trade School in Brzesko