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They are conquering the world!

PROSTER is a company that focuses first and foremost on the quality of its services. With many assignments around the world, they have considerable experience, which allows them to complete projects quickly and on time. Years later, they are well established in the market, they are flexible, and through their creativity they stand out from the competition. A wide range of services allows the company to tailor an individually personalised service to the most demanding business partners.

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What sets PROSTER apart from other companies in the industry?

We are a Polish family-owned company providing comprehensive solutions for industry. Our area of expertise includes electrical engineering, automation, robotics, mechanical engineering, service and maintenance. We are a team of professionals, ready to take on even the most difficult task, in any part of the world. Experience and high competence are the main strength of our company, and the quality of our work is highly appreciated by customers around the world. We are a team of enthusiastic, creative solutions makers. We are characterised by a focus on the comprehensiveness of the services and products provided.

Which companies and businesses are you targeting?

We have the most experience in the food industry, but over the past few years we have successfully completed projects for other market segments, including: construction, automotive, wastewater treatment plants, electric power, metallurgy, mineral industry, heating. Our customers include some of the world’s largest companies, as well as small and medium-sised entrepreneurs operating in Polish and global industries.

What are you currently working on?

Currently, our biggest goal is to grow dynamically and increase our ability to influence the Polish and global industry. We are working on a number of new solutions. The priority is to improve existing services and products for various industries. We spend a great deal of time developing automation and robotics solutions. In the current situation, there is also a strong emphasis on digitisation issues and research into cutting-edge technology solutions.

Do you plan to expand your services?

PROSTER is focused on growth. We are not standing still and, despite the difficult situation, we are constantly trying to move forward. We are constantly expanding our knowledge and services to new industries and scopes. We adhere to the principle that something can always be done better, and we never rest on our laurels. Despite the crisis, we opened our own newly built “Innovation Centre” this year, which includes a comprehensive infrastructure in the form of a fully-equipped test and production space with office facilities, where we design, research and demonstrate our solutions to customers.

What is the biggest challenge when implementing new production lines?

Our biggest challenge is customer requirements. The overriding objective will always be to meet the highest expectations. This is our top priority, so we spend a lot of time properly understanding the true needs of our contractors. Without proper recognition, we would not be able to provide a product or service that solves real business problems. One of our products is ADR – Analysis, Advisory and Implementation. This is a comprehensive service that includes auditing, identifying and solving our customers’ problems.

What adversities did you face in creating the company?

During its 35-year history, there have certainly been many such situations. Running a company is precisely about dealing with adversity and challenges, in a sense. Responding quickly to unexpected challenges is an essential skill in a rapidly changing business environment. Current events further emphasise the importance of this trait, but the truth is that readiness to adapt to sudden changes has always been crucial for us. We are an organisation that adapts quickly and effectively to unforeseen situations, transforming the challenges encountered into opportunities.

What is your greatest source of pride?__

My biggest source of pride are my co-workers and the projects that have been completed. In addition to business issues, it is worth saying that we are also a socially responsible company, acting in accordance with the principles of ethics, honesty, and openness to others. We try not only to set a good example, but also to support organisations and individuals who need various kinds of help. We highly respect the implemented initiatives aimed at the development and education of society, so we work with schools to help educate young people.

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