Wrapping machines

Reduce the costs of preparing a pallet for distribution and increase the efficiency of the process, up to 160 pallets per hour!

Get more stable wrapping and prevent damage to your goods during transport.

Tosa automatic pallet wrappers stand out from the market thanks to their low-maintenance approach. This translates into saving time and money by eliminating downtime and costly repairs. Thanks to this, the solutions generate real maintenance savings of up to 75%. Elements that particularly reduce maintenance costs include toothed belts (which do not need to be lubricated), lifting sections (pre-lubricated for life), sliding devices, and cable routes.

A wide range of wrapping machines is intended for various types of products from various industries. From the dairy, wine, beverage and general food sectors, through wrapping cartons and steel drums, to electronics and furniture. Types of loads may have different arrangement, shape and size, which is not a problem for automatic wrapping machines These are. Automation means not only improving the efficiency of the wrapping process, but also more efficient data management, process control and predictability, and the ability to free employees for less strenuous work.

Wrapping machines are equipped with various functions and settings that allow you to adapt the process to specific needs. You can set different wrapping modes depending on the type of goods, pallet size and other factors. Thanks to this, you can achieve more stable wrapping and prevent damage to the goods during transport.

Wrapping machine with a turntable, arm and ring – depending on the needed capacity – up to 160 pallets per hour.

We offer pallet wrapping lines together with assembly and 12-month warranty.