Robotic palletising and depalletising

The use of a robot in palletising and depalletising processes significantly increases efficiency and precision, as well as improving the quality and streamlining the distribution of pallets with goods.


We understand your needs

Our long-standing presence in the industry has allowed us to learn the problems and expectations of our customers. We understand that you may face challenges such as:

Increased process efficiency

This is a standard challenge of every robotics project. However, the processes around palletising or depalletising need to be refined for this relationship to be sustainable.

Cost reduction

Enterprises constantly strive to reduce production costs. Increasing the efficiency of a company's operations and improving its profitability is quite a challenge.

Constant access to production data

Customers often need quick access to real-time data. Making optimal decisions must be supported by them.

The employment of workers

Fewer and fewer employees want to work in production - this is a big challenge that can be directly reduced by robotization.

Paletyzacja i depaletyzacja

Paletyzacja i depaletyzacja są procesami, które odgrywają znaczącą rolę w wielu firmach produkcyjnych i dystrybucyjnych, zwłaszcza tych przetwarzających towary na masową skalę. Robotyzacja tych procesów może przynieść nie tylko oszczędność czasu i pieniędzy, ale również bezpieczeństwo pracowników, którzy mogą zająć się mniej monotonnymi i obciążającymi fizycznie pracami.

ramię robota wektor

Flexibility of our stations

We program robots to handle various types of products and pallets and quickly adapt them to new types of goods, which gives great flexibility in the process. It is possible to configure a large number of patterns on the pallet and various types of packaging.

karton zamknięty

Closed boxes

karton otwarty

Open boxes

worek na chemię budowlaną


zgrzewka puszek








pytajnik ikona

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robot do depaletyzacji

Process optimization is the key to success

Even before implementation, we analyze production, indicating what needs to be improved for robotization to bring the expected results. It is best to see this in a practical example, where we increased the efficiency of depalletization by 100%, provided an extensive buffer of pallets on the conveyors, quick retooling between types of products, and easily improved process efficiency.

Automation of mineral wool depalletizing for Ruukki

Robots can operate at constant performance 24/7. Their repeatability reaches 99.9%, which increases the quality of goods prepared for distribution to customers

Local vision

wzrost wydajności_icon


Robot repeatability

operator robota_2wide

Create an attractive workplace and improve safety

More and more manufacturing companies are having difficulty finding people to work. According to ManpowerGroup’s “Talent Shortage” report, as many as 45% of industrial production companies have problems filling positions with production workers. Investing in robotization of palletizing and depalletizing processes is a proven solution to this problem, which also brings benefits. Firstly, you create more attractive jobs (robot operator) than transferring packed goods to a pallet and vice versa. Secondly, you get rid of monotonous activities that pose a risk of long-term health loss and employee absence due to L4 layoffs.

We also offer our own experience to help in hiring the right person for the position of operator.

operator robota i robot

Attractive workplace

Male worker suffering from back pain while working

Reduction of heavy and monotonous activities

Engineer team service robot welding working in automation factor

Minimizing the risk of operator errors

We create our stations based on proven and tested devices. We have quick access to spare parts thanks to our own warehouse stock and contracts signed with suppliers. The control is carried out using intuitive HMI panels, where you will gain access to the most important process data. We reduce the risk of operator errors through training in operation, as well as providing clear instructions on the operation and maintenance of stations and individual parts, and we also offer warranty service in the price. All this provides peace of mind in the event of an emergency and minimizes downtime due to failures.

For customers implementing their first robots, we offer support in preparing the process and staff.

worker and engineer inspection and checking production process

Staff training

Sterowanie z panelu hmi linią produkcyjną

Control on an intuitive HMI panel

panel hmi sterowanie

Easy retooling

Proster warranty service included in the price

erp na produkcji

Integration with the production management system

Robotic stations and lines can be equipped with systems that monitor the entire process and report the results to production management systems (ERP, MES, SCADA, CMMS, WMS, or MRP), which allows for continuous improvement and increasing the efficiency of the process. The robot can be integrated, for example, with a barcode scanning system, vision system, or weight control, which further increases efficiency and control. We regularly integrate with production management systems on projects. The following innovative integration, in which we used our own solution, proves that we know the subject.

Innovative ERP integration for Blachotrapez – an example of Industry 4.0

owijarka do palet tosa_s

Robotic palletizing +

We also offer extension of the automation of the palletization process with vision systems, weight control, robotic labeling, and an automatic pallet wrapping line that can be integrated with robotic palletization. Wrappers ensure faster preparation of pallets for distribution and the same film tension for each pallet, which increases safety during transport.

etykieciarka zrobotyzowana

Robotic labeling

owijarka do palet tosa_s

Automation of pallet wrapping/strapping

Comprehensive scope of work

Automation, robotics and mechanics, as well as electrical and instrumentation installations will be designed and implemented by our engineers. In our assembly hall, where we assemble and test stations and lines, there is also an assembly room for control and power supply cabinets. In addition, we have a warranty and post-warranty service team that will take care of the solution after implementation.

Automation and Robotics


Electrical engineering

montaż rozdzielnicy

Prefabrication of control cabinets

Warranty and post-warranty service

Palletization and depalletization for many industries


Food industry


Plastics industry




Electronic industry


Wood industry


Construction industry


Machinery industry


Airline industry


Distribution industry


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    It is worth investing in robotic palletization and depalletization

    Robotization of these processes brings many benefits, primarily for the peace of production itself, but also for business and operational benefits.

    • Minimizing downtime

      The robot is able to work even 24/7, enabling uninterrupted unloading and preparation of products for transport

    • New Quality

      The repeatability of the robot is 99.9%, which reduces quality problems and ensures process stability

    • Cost cutting

      Related to employment and non-quality product

    • Scale your business wisely

      Thanks to increased process efficiency, preceded by analysis

    • Universality of the position

      We design systems to be adapted to various product sizes and patterns on the pallet

    • Simple operation from the HMI panel

      Easy setup of the station and control of the most important indicators

    • Reduce employment problems

      By employing fewer employees with higher competences, you gain an attractive workplace

    • Safety of use

      Thanks to fences, safety curtains, sensors, lights and separated zones

    • Keeping up with changes

      Manufacturing companies in developed countries have been investing in robotization for a long time

    • More efficient product distribution

      A more efficient palletizing, palletizing and packaging process speeds up the storage and distribution of pallets to customers

    • Quick access to spare parts

      Thanks to regular suppliers, we have quick access to spare parts for our solutions. We design based on standards, so we know the shelf life of individual parts

    • Staff training

      We share knowledge by conducting training for client's staff. We also provide operating and maintenance instructions for our solutions

    Business partners
    about our colaboration


    The automated packing and palletising line allows our production lines to reach their full capacity. All activities, requiring physical labour are performed by appropriate robots, ensuring safety and ergonomics for production line operators.

    Jakub Raczyński,

    Deputy Director for Production at Efekt Plus


    We decided to cooperate with PROSTER because of its good customer feedback and recognition in the market. Based on our experience and cooperation in launching the pilot production line, we can confidently recommend PROSTER company as a reliable and trustworthy business partner. The team proved to be a group of specialists and creative enthusiasts. We highly appreciate the quality of the services they provide. The analysis of needs, the design stage and the actual realisation all went very smoothly. We can confirm that by choosing PROSTER, we can be sure of picking the best solution - the line has been adjusted to our individual needs. Constant availability, commitment to our company's projects and the high competence of the staff are the distinguishing features of PROSTER

    Szczepan Haber,

    BLACHOTRAPEZ Plant Manager


    The entrusted works were carried out fully professionally and in line with Ruukki's expectations. PROSTER is characterized by reliability and proper commitment to the work performed. The order was completed efficiently, accurately and on time. We recommend PROSTER as a competent and trustworthy contractor offering high quality services.

    Rafał Chwał,

    Process Engineer Ruukki Polska Sp. z. o.o.

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